Ouljet Essoltane Dam

Ouljet Essoltane Dam

Ouljet Essoltane Dam


The assembly of Forteko® panels with high-strength props to achieve high concreting speeds as a basic requirement.



The Ouljet Essoltane dam is part of the Sebou basin in Morocco and has a maximum height of 99 metres, a crown length of 383 metres and a reservoir with a capacity of 510 million m³ of water, with a potential additional volume of 73 million m³/year from the basin.

The dam features a 3-metre high stairway and a 120-metre wide spillway; a total volume of around 1 million m³ of concrete was used in the construction.

This dam was built to improve the protection of the Gharb plain against flooding and to increase the drinking water supply for the city of Meknes and the surrounding regions.

The Forteko® high-strength vertical formwork system was used to construct the dam. Due to the concreting capacity of 90 Kn, Perflex® profile high-strength pull and push props were used, a profile patented by METALUSA, thereby ensuring the concreting process was executed in less time and the structure of the panels remained stable throughout the process.

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