COFIBER® horizontal formwork system allows the quick assembly of the formwork structure and surface in fungiform solid slabs. There are no limitations regarding the formation of safe and resilient formwork structures. The savings in work-labor, waste disposal, speed of execution and the almost immediate recovery of most elements of the system are important factors of competitiveness introduced in construction.

It is a sturdy and secure formwork system. It is versatile because the same elements are used to make any kind of slab. It reduces carpentry work. It is adaptable to any kind of shoring system.

With the cycles of rotation, the elements of the system that are taken during the disassembly are then available for reassembly. A 1+2 rotation allows three concreting per month, while a 1+3 rotation allows for a weekly concreting.

At the end of the work on site it is easy to identify and count all the equipment, as it is a metal structure that cannot be used in other applications in the work site.











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